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Meet Meredith

Functional Health Coach & Reiki Master

My journey to becoming a Health & Wellness Professional began, as it often does for many of us in this space, with an illness. 


Following the birth of my second child, I began a quick downward spiral replete with debilitating symptoms that doctor, after doctor, after doctor (after doctor) could not explain or resolve: a goiter on my thyroid, psoriasis on my hands, fingers, elbows, hair loss, severe brain-fog, bloating, anxiety, depression, weight gain, constant feeling of being cold (so intense that my ring and pinky fingers were often numb and I wore 3+ pairs of socks with Ugg boots and still had cold feet), intense fatigue.  Test results were returned to me each time unfeelingly and with a perfunctory, “Your labs are normal.”  End of story.


I was dismissed, ignored, and shuffled out the door.  The most memorable experience was waiting two-months to see an endocrinologist that I thought had good reviews.  I had such high hopes for this appointment.  I was going to get an answer, some help.  In the less than 15 minutes she spent with me, I was condescendingly told to eat less and exercise more (because I hadn’t already thought of that?!!!).  When I asked about my goiter (which had been confirmed by two other doctors), she replied that I was “just fat there.”  Needless to say, I left in tears.  I felt hopeless, confused, and was thankfully starting to get pretty pissed off.


I realized the only way to get answers was to find them myself.  I read books, I researched online, and was able to see a Functional Medicine doctor.  She listened to me.  She spent time with me and didn’t dismiss me.  I felt heard and seen at long last. 


My experience inspired me to help other women avoid the long, bumpy, frustrating road I had travelled.  I completed certification in health coaching and now use the Functional Medicine approach to guide clients in overcoming their health obstacles. 

I want to be that guide for you. 

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