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Client Successes

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how things can be different.  "Could this really help me?" I've had the pleasure of working with many women and witnessing transformations that were exciting, and so rewarding to behold.   Often, we surprise ourselves most of all.  I hope you will be inspired by the testimonials below and your faith in your body's ability to be balanced, healthy, and vibrant is galvanized!

Senior Woman

-Rebecca H., Moreno Valley, CA
Fibromyalgia - Exhausted with Chronic Pain to Thriving!

Meredith is an amazing holistic health coach! I begin working with Meredith when I was in great digestive discomfort I was getting no help from my medical team. I felt scared and lost not knowing what to do next.
Working with Meredith I found great relief. Meredith was the perfect sympathetic, supportive, knowledgeable person to help me work through this challenging time. Within three months I was not experiencing digestive distress and my whole body pain was greatly reduced and my energy greatly increased. I have a history of fibromyalgia for over two decades, Meredith asked if I would want to pursue looking deeper at the root causes of my long-standing issues.
With Meredith as my skilled partner we worked to uncover the root causes of my symptoms. Under her skilled guidance I continue to feel healthy and strong.
Meredith is a life saver for me and I highly recommend her to anyone choosing to improve their health. 

Happy Woman

Gale C. Attleboro, MA
Food as Medicine - Improved Digestion, No More Body Aches

My goals were to feel less bloated, increase energy and eliminate aches and pains.

Working with Meredith helped me to identify what was causing my symptoms and focus on improving my eating habits, making better diet and lifestyle choices.

I would recommend Meredith to everyone! She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about her profession and a caring individual. Working with her was a wonderful experience! I have no more body aches, my digestion is improved, and I learned so much about nutrition, gut health, stress management and the mind body connection.  

Happy Woman

Carolyn M., Walpole, MA
Peeling the Layers - Whole Person, Whole Life  Changes

I was surprised at how many aspects of my life Meredith has been able to objectively talk with me not at me about how else I could look at a situation. Being sort of sure of myself and what I believe I knew because of being an RN and my experiences and yet I didn’t know really how to help myself only others. I mostly appreciate the validation she has given to me about where I am in my life and why I feel the way I do even if she can’t relate to my specific situation she has the knowledge to lead to me to seeing that I can and need to put myself first.

I constantly recommend Meredith to others - I explain how from a nutritional perspective be it for the mind, soul, or physically she has been a such a positive force for me. I would want everyone to know it isn’t just medical, physical or spiritual issues - it is all of those things that need to be supported and she is there to support you as a whole person not just a part of a person.

Anyone who has concerns on how they may not be managing their own life for ANY reason but needing possibly a different way look at themselves and what they need to do to help themselves should talk to Meredith.

 This is my journey so Meredith supports my progress fast or slow big or small gains. I like the discussions and the open ended questions I say things that I have never thought of before that now seems so clear to me about situations in my life.

Give the sessions time and give yourself time. When Meredith brings you back to where you had been from where you are it is an awesome feeling. She can see objectively the improvements and when she points them out is you really will be able to feel fantastic!

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