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Update - Could "Supporting Your Immune System" Be Harmful?

An Update on How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus: Typical Immune Support is Not the Answer[1] In light of new scientific research, I wanted to update you on measures to take to keep yourself safe and healthy as many of the usual immune supporting protocols that are being recommended (previously by myself as well) are now understood to be potentially harmful in the case of COVID-19. This virus is 87% similar to the SARS virus (also a corona type virus). These viruses operate very differently than other viruses like the flu or common cold and need to be prevented and combatted in specific ways. How is it different? This virus, just like SARS, gets into our cells by hijacking something called ACE2. ACE2’s job is to keep our blood pressure from getting too high and our lungs and heart healthy. Since ACE2 is the doorway into our cells for this virus, increasing levels of it could be potentially harmful. Vitamins A and D increase ACE2 and could therefore make us more vulnerable to this infection. Coronaviruses also hijack our natural anti-viral defense, known as interferon, causing it to work against us. Things that increase interferon like Propolis and potentially Vitamin C should likely be avoided while the threat continues to be high. Coronaviruses have an oily (lipid) coating that helps protect them from our immune system, but fortunately leaves them vulnerable to soap as well as certain components in foods and supplements that can either penetrate or dissolve this fatty armor. So what can you do? Elderberry: Directly stops the virus from attaching to ACE2. (Additionally, has been shown to destroy the lipid envelope in flu viruses, so may also do so in this case) Consider taking 700-900 mg per day (approximately 4T of syrup spread throughout the day). But don’t exceed 12 weeks at 1000mg. Gaia brand is good or try this recipe: Zinc: Interferes with virus replication. You can use food (do you like oysters?), pills, sprays or lozenges, or a combination. Lozenges/sprays are especially effective because they will directly impact the nose and throat. Consider 7 to 10mg 4 times per day. (Picolinate and oxide forms are not recommended). If using a spray, 2 to 3 per day should be adequate. Copper: Is toxic to Coronaviruses. You should always balance zinc and copper, so if taking the above amount of zinc, you can aim for 4 to 8mg of copper per day. This is a great excuse to eat high quality dark chocolate – 70% cacao or higher. In closing Of the utmost importance, is of course, continued social distancing and disinfecting practices. Please stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out. The sooner we all get on board with observing strict measures, the shorter will be the duration of the threat and lives will be saved. For those who are still skeptical, I was also cautious not to give in to the panic I felt was (and continues to be) rampant. We certainly should not panic, however, please think beyond the immediate concern of the virus in and of itself and expand your thinking to all the ripple effects that an inundated and collapsing healthcare matrix will have for all of us: not only will COVID-19 victims be at risk for inability to receive treatment, but anyone seeking any other treatment of any kind could be deniedcar or other accidents, emergency C-sections, appendicitis, heart attacks, broken bones, and the list goes on. I’ve condensed the information to make it as straight-forward as I can, but if you would like more detail on the mechanisms at play and/or the research behind all of these recommendations, I urge you to visit, and specifically, check for a soon-to-be-posted article. [1] Masterjohn, Chris. “The Food and Supplement Guide for the Coronavirus.” 2020.

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