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Reiki Master 

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique of Japanese origin that uses subtle energy in order to facilitate the body's innate healing mechanisms.  The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese word "Rei," meaning Universal Life and "Ki," meaning Energy.  Reiki is a stand alone therapy, but is a wonderful tool that works beautifully in concert with other healing modalities.  It is not a religious dogma or affiliated with any specific religious sect or group.  There is no required belief of any kind; Reiki is open to all.


Reiki can be viewed as the "spark" or Life-force that inhabits and flows through all living things.  To be in s state of wellness, one's Life Force Energy or Ki (Chinese Chi, Sanskrit Prana) should be both strong and able to flow without hindrance.  Often when we feel poorly, our Ki is either low, or blocked.  A Reiki treatment addresses both of these conditions.  

Are you a Christian with more questions about Reiki?  You can read more here.

Reiki Treatment
What To Expect

Generally speaking, treatments average about 60 minutes.  You simply lie on the table, fully clothed, with shoes removed (if you are not able to lie down, Reiki can just as easily be performed while sitting) and relax.  Usually it is best to close your eyes.  Your practitioner will begin a series of hand positions lightly touching or remaining just above the body.  You will likely experience heat coming from your practitioner’s hands, but your experience will be unique to you and your needs. 

Most people describe the experience as deeply relaxing. Many people fall asleep and that is OK! Reiki is more effective than any power-nap you’ve probably had.  After your treatment, you will be advised to sit up, or re-animate your body slowly and to drink plenty of water for the following days.  You may feel a tad groggy at first, but will more likely than not enjoy a peaceful flow of energy for the rest of the day, like you just had a wonderful night’s sleep.

When looking to facilitate healing of a specific concern, Reiki works best in several treatments over a period of time.  Talk to your practitioner about how many treatments might be required.  Reiki can be helpful in supporting the body’s recovery from many imbalances.  You might try Reiki for almost anything and you will likely feel wonderful.  Reiki is safe, pleasant and relaxing and makes a great treat for yourself or someone you love.

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